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We provide folding advertising boxes and boxes made of all types of cardboard with flexographic or offset printing. Our offer includes:

  • shaped packaging – made by punching methods using punching dies
  • imprint – flexo methods for corrugated cardboards, offset – for solid cardboards, laminated packaging
  • laminated packaging – this technology combines the advantages of offset printing and the strength of corrugated board – E, B, C, BC, BE; laminating is possible for 2-, 3-, 5-layer cardboard
  • slotted boxes – of corrugated cardboard, flute E, B, C, BC, BE – colour: grey, white, marble – imprint: flexographic
  • box cut-outs for folding according to any FEFCO configuration or standards, e.g.
    – foiling trays open from the top – pizza boxes – for industry (power tools, machines, household chemicals, etc.) – paper boxes – shoe boxes
  • punched glued boxes – displays with perforations – boxes with cross-shaped bottom, glued, open automatically – boxes with cardboard or plastic handles – boxes with retractable handles – boxes to be hung – stands, advertising racks
  • box fitting of any dimensions, shapes – grating – spacers – inserts.




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Kartonpack in Piła manufactures corrugated, flap and die-cut cardboard packaging with the possibility of printing and polishing. Currently, our offer also includes laminated packaging and various types of advertising media based on cardboard and carton.

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